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Web Presence Optimisation for British Water SME Group -Thank You

Many thanks to Derek Bourne, The British Water SME Group and Atkins for allowing WSI the opportunity to speak about Web Presence Optimisation at yesterdays British Water SME group meeting.

The presentation can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97IyiVK1TEM

The presentation itself created much dialogue as the topic of Social Media and how it offers an ROI is still one that is not yet fully understood as far as B2B marketing strategies are concerned. However working alongside partner companies such as Google and G Shift , combined with our in-house Analytics team,  WSI M3 Social Mindz are confident that we can offer Web Presence Optimisation strategies that can not only deliver Goal based results but also can provide the data to prove an ROI on any companies Digital Marketing Strategies.

Some of the  companies we have worked with include

Islamic Relief Organisation

BBS Granite 

Life IT


Basilico Pizza

Neil and Barker Jewellery

Bite Consulting

Dubai Silicon Oasis

and many more

The offer is still available to those companies that attended to receive a free Digital Marketing assessment by contacting either Michael Spence or Bal Butter on 01604 652006 or info@m3sm.co.uk

The following Companies were in attendance at this event

Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd.
William Johnston & Company Ltd
Syrinix Limited
CSO Technik Ltd
Partech Instruments
Tynemarch Systems Engineering Ltd
Viking Johnson
Warden BioMedia
HPC Products
Utilities Valves Limited
Goodwin International Ltd
Conder Products
BHR Group
UKTI Strategic Trade Group

The Importance of Web Presence Optimisation for British Water SME Group Members

WSI’s Michael Spence was asked by British Water to present “Web Presence Optimisation” at the forthcoming  British Water SME Group event in London on the 22nd of February 2013.

Michael is a fully certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, however his past 27 years work experience and qualifications in the  Industrial Automation Industry and 5 years specifically dedication to the water industry makes him the ideal person to speak at this educational event hosted by the British Water SME group

Whilst there, Michael will connect with each British Water SME Group member  offering them advice and guidance on their web presence optimisation strategies.

These strategies could include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Paid Advertising
  • Goal Determined Web Presence Analytics
  • Conversion Architecture
  • Online Reputation Management

A full strategic plan can sometimes take up valuable company resource, which is why companies often outsource one or two things on their list. After all, it is important to focus on your business, and leave the complexities of things like Digital Marketing to experts like WSI.

Web Presence Optimisation

Most businesses understand the importance of an SEO campaign to help improve their visibility on the web, but did you know that using Social Media and paid advertising alongside SEO really improves your chances?

It’s all about Web Presence Optimisation.

You see, the search engines are looking for relevant information to show to its users, and when it comes to sites like Facebook and Twitter, the search engines allocate a percentage (around 10% currently) of search to these. They understand that when someone shares a post, or retweets a tweet, then that person is engaging because it is relevant to them. If it is relevant, then surely this is reason enough to show on the search engines when a search for a specific key word is queried.

It’s simple enough.

With this in mind, our question to you is, what percentage of your budget is allocated to Web presence Optimisation, and what percentage of that is dedicated to social media and engaging with your audience.

We would suggest 10% minimum is allocated to Social Media… this would keep you in line with the search engines allocation.

YouTube Video Marketing and Optimisation

YouTube Video Marketing and Optimisation

Give your Web Presence and Search Engine Rankings a Boost with Video Marketing

Online videos are a great medium to showcase your products and services, especially now since so many users browse the Internet on their smart-phones and tablets, which offer a rich video experience.

The great thing about using videos for marketing is that you can crunch in so much information that engages three cognitive channels – audio, images and text. Video content drives action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle; from getting found on search engines to lead nurturing through to closing the sale.

The sooner businesses get video content out to customers (via their websites, landing pages, brochures (via QR code), social channels, emails, blogs and other marketing channels), the sooner they will realise how clients will become engaged with video content to drive marketing objectives.

How can video marketing on YouTube benefit your business?

  • You can use YouTube videos to promote your own business, products and for branding your business.
  • Over half of the traffic on the Internet is now video, so video marketing gives you access to tons of valuable back-links.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Online videos can increase your exposure.
  • You can create, optimize and share short, informative and entertaining videos. A “viral” video can become unstoppable once set in motion.
  • Social media sites and video go hand in hand and most sites encourage video posting and sharing.

Leverage Video Marketing Using YouTube

Video is extremely powerful – not just because of the sheer number of people who view video sharing sites every day, but because it can be much more persuasive than the written word.

A fully optimised YouTube Channel containing engaging video content will not only provide a powerful, ‘followable’ link to your website, but it will also greatly increase views and drive more traffic to your website. If you have customers online, you should be on YouTube!

Optimise Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Professionally produced, high-impact promotional videos can keep your visitors glued to their screen the instant they arrive on your site. This can also help increase your conversion rate, which of course means more sales.

Hence, you need to optimize your videos to become an integral part of online marketing strategy. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Trend your video content for current social themes. What are people searching for on YouTube/Google? Relate your video to what’s popular, and watch your viewer count go up.
  • Add custom metadata tags to each video. This will help with search engine optimization, adding information about videos that can be picked up by search engines crawling the Web.
  • Integrate videos with e-commerce. Explanatory videos showing step-by-step how to make a purchase or a reservation, or to send a query using the website can greatly benefit websites which have booking engines (like hotels) or shopping baskets (such as online retailers).
  • Video marketing must be aimed at leads and conversions. Add calls-to-action, so viewers can be compelled to take some type of action at the end of the video.  Get them to sign up for your newsletter, go to your e-commerce page, leave a comment about your video or visit your blog.
  • Re-direct video viewers to your website, by including your URL in the video. Add a text box to your video, where you can display your website address. For effective branding, have your company logo displayed prominently somewhere on the screen.
  • Integrate with social media marketing. When your audience starts sharing and spreading them all over the Internet with social bookmarking, Facebook sharing and Tweeting, your videos will go viral.

Remember, YouTube is always adding new features. It’s a good idea to stay updated on the latest enhancements and use the ones that best suit your business.

Contact Us for YouTube marketing and optimization and achieve greater success with your video marketing campaigns.

What is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

And how can I use it for my business?

You think you are starting to understand Social media, then along comes another one that throws your Internet marketing Strategy off course.

Pinterest is an online pinboard. At home or in the office, if you get a postcard you like, you pin it to the board, if you get a voucher or coupon, it goes on the board, an important business card… on the board, that new coat… a picture of it goes on the board. Your board gets cluttered, and everynow and then you have a clear out and throw away the things that you have not used in a while, or put the memories in a box for the attic.

Pinboard is a virtual way of doing all of this, with a very big exception… everyone can see your board. Your memories, your likes, your choices…

Imagine if someone happens to like something you are selling and “pins” it to their pinboard called “products I love”, perhaps you are a travel company and someone pulls in a photo from your website and pops it onto a board called “places I have been” or “places I would love to visit”

Pinboard and its use in business perhaps can now start to be seen.

Lets take the travel example.

Someone pulls in your photo from your website.

It links back to your website in the first instance, which means now pinterest is showing people where they can see more about this particular place.

Secondly, that person is actively saying they like this place and has either been there before and enjoyed it, or would like to go. In either case, this is an opportunity. If they have been before, they may want to go again, if they have not been, perhaps it is on the radar for the future.

So, how would you deal with this?

Of course, you have to know that someone is pinning your photos… and we have been advised of a great tool that helps you to discover this:


If you find someone has pinned a photo from your website, there is no reason at all that you cannot say, thank you for pinning, or even… we are glad you like, and we have a great deal… click here to see more.

Remember, it is not just the person who pinned the photo to their board who can see this. But you do need to be a pinterest member to be able to comment.

Here is a link to some really interesting facts about pinterest


If you are struggling to see how you can use pinterest, or any other social media as a part of your strategic marketing mix, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

01604 652006


Social Technologies Facts and Stats

Social Technologies Facts and Stats

At the WSI Social Tech Bootcamp, we have been collating a list of very useful facts:

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads.

B2C companies generate 146% more leads through blogging.

Dunbars limit states that as people, we can only handle up to 150 personal relationships. Social Media has increased this to 5000.

Positive reviews on the web have a positive impact on your brand of up to 54%


Social Technologies Training

printed advertising decline - social technologies training

printed advertising decline - social technologies trainingAs a WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, we are always keeping ahead of the game with ongoing training.

Now, we have decided to take our knowledge and expertise to the next level, and deliver training to companies across the UK, assuring your business stays way ahead of your competition.

Our 12 step process will identify your goals, and needs and or training, complete with all documentation and follow up calls and/or webinars.

Today and tomorrow, we are going through intensive training underwritten for WSI by one of the most respected speakers on the subject – Scott Koklosky – to make sure we represent WSI as the highest calibre Digital Marketing trainers in the UK.

Are you up to date? Are you making sure that Future technologies will ruin your business?

The image above shows a decline in printed media… how are people communicating now? How will they in the future?

http://t.co/3c0piNQX – Blog credit for image.

GE Intelligent Platform event in Barcelona – WSI to present

WSI’s Michael Spence was asked by GE Intelligent Platforms to present “what’s the buzz about Social Media” at the forthcoming  GE Intelligent Platforms Channel Partner Event in Barcelona on the 29th to the 31st of May 2012.

Michael is a fully certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, however his past 27 years work experience and qualifications in the Intelligent Platforms and Industrial Automation Industry make him the ideal person to speak at this educational event hosted by GE Intelligent Platforms in Barcelona 2012.

Whilst there, Michael will connect with each Channel Partner offering them advice and guidance on their web presence strategies.

Social Media – Parents Challenges

As a parent, we always want to make sure our children are safe. We teach them stranger danger, we teach them safety in the home, and at school they are taught other lifeskills too that help them grow as a person.
But, with Social Media in the mix, something that the younger generation take for granted as being a part of their life, the older generation sometimes feel they are being left behind.
Parents hear in the news about cyberbullying, about slanderous comments on twitter and their instant reaction is to ban social Media from their homes.
However, with children increasingly using smartphones, the internet is more accessible than ever before in the UK and other countries. If a child really wants to engage with others using Social Media then they will find a way.
  • How does a parent keep a tab on what their child is doing?
  • What worrying signs should parents look out for?
  • What should parents really be concerned about?
As a Digital marketing expert, and a parent, maybe this blog will help you to focus your efforts in the right places.
1 – Monitor your computer
Yes, parents can use software to monitor what is happening online with their children. But, once again your child may be very computer savvy, and you should bear this in mind if you are relying on these tools to monitor your child online.
Once upon a time…
I was telling my own children that I was monitoring my computer, which they used to borrow when they were younger, to do their homework and a little research. They also used to use it to play certain games – mainly educational or thought provoking.
I was watching one day when a friend of my child came round. He came complete with a laptop.
I had made sure there was enough doubt in my childs’ mind that I knew everything. I heard my child saying to his friend that what he was doing was inappropriate because “my mum is an expert and can see everything you do”.
I watched as my sons friend showed him how to use incognito (private) browsing, then uploaded Chrome so that they could browse freely with a different browser that did not have this monitoring tool on it.
Moral of the story…
If a child wants to do something bad enough, they will find a way.
2 – Signs for Concern
A parents worst nightmare is the unsavoury online predator. A person who grooms your child with the intent of eventually meeting up. We have heard a lot on the news about this kind of thing and it is terrifying.
But we need to put this into perspective. Most people online are genuine and not scary at all. As a parent we never heard of this kind of thing happening, so it must be a new thing right? No, as we were growing up the news was not as instant as it is now, the internet tells us everything rather than the selective news we had on TV. But, we should still be aware, and we should know how to protect our children.
  • Stranger Danger – this applies online too – tell your child that if they do not know someone, they should not connect. People can be anything online, they can lie about their name, age, gender… and these people are the ones to be wary of.
  • Bullying - be open with your child, ensure they have a route to tell you (or another adult) if they are being bullied online. This is no different to offline bullying, it needs addressing in a similar way, but is harder to spot because it is not physical.

Signs to look out for are:

  • secrecy
  • quietness
  • unusual behaviour

The signs for syber bullying are similar to the signs for mental bullying offline too.


3 – Join In

The best way to protect your child online is to understand the environment they are “playing” in. As they are growing up, we spend time with them in playgrounds, we spend time at their friends houses with them, but as they grow and become more independent we have to let them do their own thing. We have to trust that when they are playing football at the park with their friends, they are not taking drugs or smoking. Online is different!

I engage with my children on Social Media. I can see all their posts, I have helped them create lists and adjust their privacy settings. I have discussed stranger danger and laid out the rules. I have also set a time limit on these activities… I will explain this soon.

I know that this may be a little difficult for some parents, we are not all experts in Social Media after all. But there are lots of courses available, and I would encourage you to participate. The local Scouts groups and the local Libraries are a good first point of call if you do not have a local educational institute nearby offering these services.

Alternatively, ask your childs’ school to engage the services of a social media expert in your area to deliver a hands on workshop. You can all put some money in a pot to cover the costs.

4 – Time Limits

I set a time limit for my children, and I personally think that this is a good idea based on the old adage… “a little bit of what you fancy” will do you no harm. Extremes and excesses in anything are the killers in our society.

I like to make sure my children have a balanced lifestyle. They both partake in sports, they both spend time doing homework and revising, they both spend time outdoors, they both have some relaxation time, party time, and of course computer time as well.

One of the biggest things I hear from people about Social Media is the lack of life skills our children are growing up with. It is assumed that because our children write in text speak that they cannot speak, write or spell. It is assumed that if they are on the computer all day long, they cannot be using their brain.

I counter that.

Surely this depends on what the child is doing online?

Yes Social Media is a chat forum, but also it can be used highly creatively – for example:

  • SIMs games – where they create towns and cities from scratch, consider the infrastructure, consider the materials for building, what should go where and how it should be laid out.
  • Images – children and teens can get very creative rendering images, adding their own personality to them.
  • Homework – children and teens often collaborate online… testing each other is a real favourite.
  • Videos – children and teens create great videos, and are incredibly creative with it.

My point of view is that as long as it is balanced, there is no harm in embracing new technology and keeping up with the times.

As a parent, it really is your responsibility to ensure your child is safe, and what better way than to have fun with them.

For more information about training courses, please do not hesitate to get intouch.

Tel: 01604 652006


About Tracy Spence






Analytica, Germany – Video Optimisation and Online Press Release

Analytica Mike Busby 2012 Germany

Analytica Mike Busby 2012 GermanyMike Busby and Tracy Spence represented WSI at the Labmates stand at the Analytica exhibition in Germany, April 2012.

Working alongside Labmates to educate and inform visitors at the exhibition, Mike Busby and Tracy Spence were speaking about two key online subjects:

  • Video Optimisation
  • Online Press release

WSI – We Simplify the Internet. WSI is the world leader in Internet marketing, web development, and web design. WSI provides Internet consultancy and Internet development services worldwide. Our services include Video Optimisation and Online Press Release Syndication and management of course, but we also offer internet marketing services that encompass website design and conversion analysis, Web Presence Optimisation,  Social Media Management and Online Reputation Management to name but a few.

labmate-online.com is an online reflection of the printed publications International LabmateLabmate UK & Ireland and Lab Asia.

Labmate offers visitors access to past articles, news, and the ability to search the whole site by a specific key word. The site also contains the latest news, technical articles, exhibition information and tenders in the Laboratory sector.

At Analytica, Germany 2012… WSI and Labmates have come together to help companies understand how they can market themselves better online.

For more information, please feel free to make contact.